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The Windows startups, Windows Processes, and Windows Services below are only a subset of the massive database used by our  The Ultimate Troubleshooter  product.  Try it out — it's simpler than searching these pages.



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(j2 Global Communications)

eFax Messenger DLL support utility.  Background task which provides background fax conversion, fax sending, and fax status reporting when you use  eFax Messenger  to view or send your faxes via the eFax.com service.

Recommendation :
Down to end-user requirements.  This task goes hand in hand with  eFax Messenger  itself (J2GTray) and is usually started automatically through the  Startups  tab of  The Ultimate Troubleshooter.  Read our notes on  eFax Messenger  – if you decide you do want to have  eFax Messenger  automatically starting at Windows boot‑up, then also leave this task alone on the  Startups  tab of TUT;  if, on the other hand, you choose not to have  eFax Messenger  starting up automatically at Windows boot‑up, then disable this task as well.  This task normally uses between 3Mb to 7Mb of memory.

Javaw Javaw.exe

(Sun Corporation)
Part of Sun’s Java for Windows.

Recommendation :
Leave alone – Sun’s Java is used by all Internet browsers (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Opera) and is essential to their ability to display many websites.




Microsoft Debugger Registrar for Java.  You will most likely never see this file in your Task List.  The only reason for inclusion in these pages is that there is a  hoax  virus warning message going around the Internet asking users to delete this file if they find it on their hard disk.  Do no such thing if you receive the message – this file is a legitimate Microsoft file which you should keep.




Sun Java Update Checker task.  If JUSCHED below is running, and the time has come in its schedule for the PC to check for updates to the Java Runtime, then JUSCHED starts JUCHECK.  In turn JUCHECK checks the Sun website for updates to the Java Runtime.  If there are updates available, an icon appears in the System Tray to let you know.  Double-clicking on the icon enables you to download the updates, or cancel the reminder, or set the reminder to remind you again at a later date.

Recommendation :
As this task will only appear if JUSCHED is itself running, read our recommendation for  JUSCHED.




Sun Java Runtime Update Scheduler.  This task will appear in your Task List if you have Sun Java runtime installed and it is configured to automatically look for updates.  This task was first introduced in version 1.4.2 of the Sun Java Runtime and at the time of writing, 25‑Mar-2005, runs only on Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003.  For the layman :  Java is nowadays an essential piece of software for your browser as there are many web pages which use Java to display information.

Recommendation : 
We always recommend against having any software updating itself automatically, even if it prompts the user before applying updates.  Stay in control of your PC and disable this task as follows :  double-click on the  Java plug-in  icon in the Control Panel, go to the  Update  tab and uncheck  “Check for updates automatically”,  click  APPLY – this will disable  JUSCHED  from starting at boot-up.  If you want to update Sun Java at a later stage, simply go back to the same  Java plug‑in  icon in the Control Panel, to the “Update” tab, and click the  Update Now  button.

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J2GTray.exe,  Jammer2nd.exe,  Java.exe,  Javanet.exe,  JMPLicSvc.exe,  JMRaidTool.exe,  Jntview.exe,  JQS.exe,  Jswpsapi.exe,  Juice.exe,  Junefare.dll,  Jusched32.exe,  JustFlightLimitedLicSvc.exe


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