AnswersThatWork's free Smart Link 56K Voice Modem drivers
for Windows XP / 2000

Smart Link 56K v92 Voice Modem drivers

If you are looking for drivers for a free  Smart Link 56K Voice Modem,  then you have come to the right page.

We experienced the same problem which brought you to this page "Where the heck is the SmartLink download page ?" and, like you, we got nowhere. 

After much searching, however, we finally found a driver CD in our CD library which had the drivers on it, and they work.  So we immediately created this page to enable you and us to re-download this modem driver any time that it is needed.

The file you will download when you click the  DOWNLOAD  button below is a self-extracting zip file which will extract the driver into the  "C:\Drivers\Modem\SmartLink 56K Voice Modem"  folder.  The driver works on Windows 2000 and Windows XP and its version is

Once you have expanded the self-extracting zip file, simply run the  SETUP.EXE file  and say  YES  throughout, even when it complains that the driver is not signed.  If you get prompted to browse to a folder for additional driver files, simply browse back to the folder where you unzipped these files.

This driver can be used with both a  Smart Link 56K v92 Modem  or  a Smart Link 56K v90 Modem.

Good Luck.


















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