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Last updated 2-Apr-2016


If you know exactly which download you want, then click above for the full list of all our downloads from A-Z. Or, you can browse from the categories below:

ASCII table
Text and Hex editors
BIOS password recovery
and more...

Boot disks
Boot CDs
Setup disks
Recovery disks
BIOS password disks
Emergency disks and CDs
System disks

E-mail client
Internet text cleaner

File finders
Bulk renaming of files
Zip utilities
Disk space utilization
Print lists of files and folders
Recovery of deleted files

Amusing stuff
World Cup soccer

Picture and image viewers
Printing utilities
Graphic format conversion

Adware and Spyware removal
TCP/IP tools
Internet browser add-ons
Internet connection sharing

Everything for music and MP3

Internet connection sharing
TCP/IP tools
XP/2008/Win7 server tools

View and print your PC's specs
Configure your PC's startup
Print lists of files and folders
and more...

Every Registry Utility you can think of
(Advanced users only)

HTML editors
FTP clients
Reference guides
Website statistics
IP address tracing


The downloads available on this page
are high quality downloads and they have at least three of the following features:
     ease of installation  
ease of use 
     good interface design 

We either use all of those products ourselves, or have installed them at some of our customers.

You can find millions of alternatives to these programs out there on the Internet, a lot of them not worth mentioning, some good, others very good.

Trying them all is time consuming, some will cause real havoc, some have serious bugs, latest versions of previously trusted products can be a nightmare, others are only average, etc...

This is why we have provided this page which gives you, the user, a place where you can come and confidently download tried and trusted software of high quality, software we use ourselves. 


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The Ultimate
Troubleshooter (TUT)

Latest Database Update :


The most complete
and most effective
PC Tuning program
ever written.
More Information

TUT Latest Tasks Update
CPU-Z CPU Detection
Utility v1.60.1
Directory Compare 2.3
FastStone Image
Viewer 4.6
PrintStation 3.80
TreeSize Free 2.70